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  • 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe vs Ford Expedition

    2018 Chevrolet Tahoe | Price Yours Starting Price: $48,745 Above Average: First- and second-row comfort, huge center console, relaxed V8s Below Average: Only 16 mpg in the city, tight third row space Consensus: Why mess with this proven truck-based formula?   2018 Ford Expedition | Price Yours Starting Price: $52,985 Above Average: Generous third row space, towing, power Below Average: Still only 17 mpg in the […]

  • 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review

    Overview The Bolt is the first mainstream all-electric car from General Motors. Thanks to its name, it’s often confused with the Volt, Chevy’s larger plug-in hybrid hatchback. While small on the outside, the Bolt offers great interior space and comfort. The Bolt has excellent all-electric range, a quiet interior and a huge (10.2-inches) in-dash touchscreen. […]

  • Chevrolet Nova (1961-1979|(1985-1988)

    From its start as an economical small car, to its rise to one of the best known muscle cars of its era, the Chevy Nova has long been a consumer favorite. Where did it all begin, and how did this awesome car get the axe? Humble Beginnings After losing some compact car market share in previous years to Ford, […]

  • The best Camaros throughout the years

    The Camaro is a little bit like Lynyrd Skynyrd—and not just because the latter blares so often in the former. Critics deride it and reduce it to clichés, but when you review all the hits in its back catalog, you realize this is a great car. Cue up “Free Bird” as we salute the 10 […]

  • Summit Small-Block Power Steering Bracket – Mount Up

    Whether you’re doing an engine swap or just plain need to clean up the engine bay, there’s nothing like a classy mounting system to make an ordinary accessory stand out. Take our ’72 Project Nova, for instance; it was in desperate need of a newer, more modern mounting solution for the power steering pump and […]

  • Color Sanding Process – Color Sanding To Perfection

    Rubbing sandpaper on high-dollar paint seems as logical as dropping a dumbbell on your foot right after it’s been removed from a cast. Intentionally ruining what took months, or years, of agony and suffering to accomplish is just pure madness. As much as it may defy logic, scuffing up fresh paint during the color sanding […]

  • Meguiars Two-Stage Compounds – To Perfection

    It was back to the school of higher learning at Meguiars’ Headquarters-literally. We spent the day in the classroom and listened with open ears to get the real gist of paint theory and practices with marketing director Mike Pennington playing teacher and leading the way. Pennington drilled us in the process of wet sanding and […]

  • Nitto NT05 Tires

    When it comes to purchasing a set of tires, the offerings can seem limitless-and a bit confusing to those with little knowledge about them. You can certainly read up on them online (at, for instance), but it really comes down to one simple question: What are your intentions? You need to figure out if […]

  • 1997 Chevy Silverado Audio Upgrades – Truck Tunes

    Getting ready for a major road trip can be a motivator for installing an awesome sound system to help make the miles fly by. The crew from Eightball Rods and Choppers and I will be making a trip to this year’s Bonneville Speed Week, just outside of Wendover, Utah. The trip will cover 1,350 miles […]

  • 1973 Chevy C10 Buildup

    The Essentials After getting the stance nailed and the truck handling properly, it was time to turn our attention to the cosmetics and creature comforts of the ’73 Chevy C10. Part of the reason Mike originally bought this truck was because it was cheap, which meant that it was trashed. That’s to be expected when […]