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  • Replacing Weatherstrips – Sealed To Perfection

    The wind, dust, and rain all have their place in the world, but not inside your car. To isolate you and your car’s interior from these elements, the doors, trunk lid, and window glass are factory-fitted with precision-molded weatherstrips that work to form a moveable seal against glass and metal objects. But after a million […]

  • Project F73 Chevrolet Camaro Moser Rearend Baer 6P Install

    It’s hard to believe that with all of the technology incorporated into late-model vehicles that old-school methods are still the best ways to upgrade your Chevy’s handling and traction. Our Project F73 Camaro, for example, was upgraded from a leaf-spring suspension to a Detroit Speed and Engineering QuadraLink four-link system (PN 041711), which includes an […]

  • Steering Box & Power Steering Pump Install On a 1972 Chevy Nova

    Aside from its overall ugly duckling demeanor, so far our ’72 Nova has seen its fair share of upgrades over the past year and we’re on a mission to transform our Nova into a genuine performer. With most of the base suspension work completed, namely 2-inch drop spindles, a power disc setup up front, a […]

  • Mounting A Transmission Oil Cooler – Exchange Rate

    The cooling system on any vehicle is vital for its survival. If you happen to have one that isn’t functioning properly, then it can incapacitate its ability to maintain a consistent and safe operating temperature for any of the components involved. As drivers, it’s more about preventing the cook before it happens; otherwise you may […]

  • Degreeing a Camshaft for Accuracy – Positioned For Power

    Before you install the spark plugs, drop in the distributor, plumb the carburetor, and fire then engine; making sure the valvetrain is in complete harmony with the harmony with the rotating assembly should be the first priority. It’s a crucial step, too, since engine output is directly affected by the camshaft’s control over the valvetrain. […]

  • Cheap $20 Chevrolet Emblem Restoration – Tech

    My wife will be the first to say that I’m a cheap SOB. This, of course, aggravates her during evenings when we dine out. But when it comes to funneling money into my ’64 Nova project, she’s all for my cheap SOB’ing ways. Recently, I scored points with the missus when I restored the Nova’s […]

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    During the mid to late 1990s, Ford sold large numbers of vehicles, in a booming American economy with soaring stock market and low fuel prices. With the dawn of the new century, legacy healthcare costs, higher fuel prices, and a faltering economy led to falling market shares, declining sales, and sliding profit margins. Most of […]