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  • 1986 Chevrolet Caprice – CHP Rides

    ’86 Caprice Philadelphia, PA Nick Esposito Although it’s still sporting the original 305ci small-block with a four-barrel Q-jet, Nick Esposito still managed to add a ton of go-fast goodies to his pride and joy. He began by adding a K&N filter, a 1-inch carb spacer, a high-voltage ignition coil, and a MagnaFlow 3-inch after-cat exhaust […]

  • Run To The Coast II A Weekend of High-Performance Glory!

    There’s something to be said for grassroots types of events; you know the kind where there’s little cause for worrying. Instead you’re there to hang with your peers, packing minimal tools, and buckled up behind the wheel for a spirited thrill ride. There isn’t big money involved for winning; instead the winner earns a small […]

  • Summit Small-Block Power Steering Bracket – Mount Up

    Whether you’re doing an engine swap or just plain need to clean up the engine bay, there’s nothing like a classy mounting system to make an ordinary accessory stand out. Take our ’72 Project Nova, for instance; it was in desperate need of a newer, more modern mounting solution for the power steering pump and […]

  • Replacing Weatherstrips – Sealed To Perfection

    The wind, dust, and rain all have their place in the world, but not inside your car. To isolate you and your car’s interior from these elements, the doors, trunk lid, and window glass are factory-fitted with precision-molded weatherstrips that work to form a moveable seal against glass and metal objects. But after a million […]

  • The Hybrid Camaro – Technical Article

    Take one ’02 LS1-powered Camaro and one ’69 Camaro complete outer sheetmetal kit from Goodmark Industries, assemble them carefully together, and what do you have? A hybrid supercar with total fourth-gen performance underneath and ’69 Camaro looks up top. This cool idea started when the folks at Retro Rides in Spanish Fork, Utah, were bench […]

  • Project F73 Chevrolet Camaro Moser Rearend Baer 6P Install

    It’s hard to believe that with all of the technology incorporated into late-model vehicles that old-school methods are still the best ways to upgrade your Chevy’s handling and traction. Our Project F73 Camaro, for example, was upgraded from a leaf-spring suspension to a Detroit Speed and Engineering QuadraLink four-link system (PN 041711), which includes an […]

  • 1950 Chevy Suburban Buildup – Project Sublime

    Electronic Access To create a clean and smooth complexion on our ’50 Chevy Suburban dubbed Project “Sublime,” we decided to shave the door handles and the external rear barn-door hinges. By removing the door handles, we eliminated external access to Sublime’s spacious interior. To remedy the situation, a phone call was made to The Hoffman […]

  • 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle – How George Rolls

    George Mobayed, now 50 years old, looked at the sky, smiled wistfully, and said: “In the late ’70s I was 18 and working for Super Shops’ number-one store in Garden Grove [California] selling performance parts and driving a ’67 SS daily. It had a Sonny Bryant big-block, B&M Turbo 400, 4.88 rear, and ladder bars. […]

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    2011 ZO6 Corvette

    The 2011 Chevrolet Corvette cranks 470 foot-pounds of torque, and boasting a 0-to-60 acceleration time of 3.7 seconds, this 7-liter V8 version of the ‘Vette’ is as blazing fast as its inferno orange shell would indicate.

  • Steve Early’s 56 GMC Suburban

    Over three decades ago the streets were filled with all makes and models of classic Chevy designs. The abundance of these vehicles overshadowed the essence of their beauty and throughout the years the distinctive body contours faded away. Luckily, American automotive history would not be forgotten as enthusiasts have kept the sculpted works of art […]