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  • 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle – CHP Rides

    ’68 Chevelle Michael Bartels Schleswig, Germany We have to say that it’s very cool to see one of Detroit’s finest in Germany! Michael Bartels’ A-body Chevelle is stuffed with a 383ci stroker motor, a TH350 automatic transmission, and a bulletproof 12-bolt rearend. For the suspension, he set the Chevelle on Eibach springs with UMI components […]

  • 1986 Chevrolet Caprice – CHP Rides

    ’86 Caprice Philadelphia, PA Nick Esposito Although it’s still sporting the original 305ci small-block with a four-barrel Q-jet, Nick Esposito still managed to add a ton of go-fast goodies to his pride and joy. He began by adding a K&N filter, a 1-inch carb spacer, a high-voltage ignition coil, and a MagnaFlow 3-inch after-cat exhaust […]

  • Run To The Coast II A Weekend of High-Performance Glory!

    There’s something to be said for grassroots types of events; you know the kind where there’s little cause for worrying. Instead you’re there to hang with your peers, packing minimal tools, and buckled up behind the wheel for a spirited thrill ride. There isn’t big money involved for winning; instead the winner earns a small […]

  • 1970 Clean Chevrolet Chevelle

    A clean 70s Chevrolet Chevelle Monte Dinnell From: Fox Lake, IL Monte left absolutely nothing to chance when he went out and bought this project car out of southern Kentucky. Monte went on to replace the rear quarter back panels, doors, then decklid, and also replaced the hood, and then painted Cortez Silver with black […]

  • 1965 Chevrolet Nova – CHP Rides

    ’65 Nova Scott Farley Sellersburg, IN Don’t be fooled; this little Nova is a driver. Scott Farley has owned the car for over 15 years and completed the majority of the work himself—even the back half setup. Currently, it’s powered by a 555ci big-block with twin Garrett 88 ball bearing turbochargers with 160-pound injectors and […]

  • 1969 Chevrolet Camaro – CHP Rides

    ’69 Camaro Don Hendrick Midlothian, IL Who can argue with a street-driven Camaro that can consistently knock off 13.7-second quarter-mile passes? Don Hendrick purchased his Camaro seven years ago and left the 200-4R automatic, but has since added a rebuilt small-block with forged internals and a set of Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads up top. […]

  • 1967 Chevrolet Nova – Red Rocket

    Fifteen years is a very long stretch, no matter where you are doing it. But spending half your young life on a small project, is quite another story. In the muscle car sphere, 15 years might as well be an entire century. You challenge the cam-of-the-week freaks, the message boards that don’t say what you […]

  • Summit Small-Block Power Steering Bracket – Mount Up

    Whether you’re doing an engine swap or just plain need to clean up the engine bay, there’s nothing like a classy mounting system to make an ordinary accessory stand out. Take our ’72 Project Nova, for instance; it was in desperate need of a newer, more modern mounting solution for the power steering pump and […]

  • Color Sanding Process – Color Sanding To Perfection

    Rubbing sandpaper on high-dollar paint seems as logical as dropping a dumbbell on your foot right after it’s been removed from a cast. Intentionally ruining what took months, or years, of agony and suffering to accomplish is just pure madness. As much as it may defy logic, scuffing up fresh paint during the color sanding […]

  • Replacing Weatherstrips – Sealed To Perfection

    The wind, dust, and rain all have their place in the world, but not inside your car. To isolate you and your car’s interior from these elements, the doors, trunk lid, and window glass are factory-fitted with precision-molded weatherstrips that work to form a moveable seal against glass and metal objects. But after a million […]