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1973 Chevy C10 Buildup

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Published on May 13, 2016 with No Comments

The Essentials
After getting the stance nailed and the truck handling properly, it was time to turn our attention to the cosmetics and creature comforts of the ’73 Chevy C10. Part of the reason Mike originally bought this truck was because it was cheap, which meant that it was trashed. That’s to be expected when you pay a thousand bucks for a 37-year-old truck. When dealing with an older truck, there are certain things that will either take too long to bring back to its original state or that just can’t be fixed. Rubber seals dry rot, sheetmetal rusts, parts get lost etc. Lucky for us gearheads there is Classic Industries. Classic Industries has been offering restoration parts for cars and trucks for as long as we can remember.

Obviously Mike’s truck needed all kinds of resto parts and a few maintenance things done to it just to be nice enough to drive around town, let alone across the country. We grabbed a Classic Industries catalog and started writing down all of the part numbers we needed. We were surprised to find out that everything we wanted, except for the cowl hood, was in stock and ready to be picked up the next day. We drove over and filled the bed full of goodies and had a new bedside shipped directly to the body shop in Texas so that it would be there waiting for us when we arrived.

All of the stuff covered here is what Mike and I did at my little shop before we hit the road. We hung the new sheetmetal, converted some rust, installed some HushMat, and restored the interior in just a few days time. These easy-to-do mods are essential to a daily driver and if your truck needs to be returned to showroom new, give Classic a call for a host of quality parts.

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